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Texas Association For Health Care Recruitment

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- Promote health care professionals as viable careers for individuals seeking to aquire professional status.
- Establish and maintain favorable relationships with schools, agencies, and organizations that provide recruiting sources and opportunities.
- Assist in schedule developement and / or operations or conventions, job fairs, career days, or other contact time where recruiters can meet potential applicants.
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- Meetings are held annually, at the Fall Conference.

- Committees are designed by each board to address current recruitment issues and to promote better recruitment practices in Texas.

- Voluntary member participation is encouraged and welcomed

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Texas Association For Health Care Recruitment is a dynamic organization comprised of professional Human Resource Recruiters across Texas.Serving as an informational resource for members to discuss and share the latest recruiting techniques and practices in the industry. Learn more about TAHCR and how you can become part of this growing organization.

Fall TAHCR Newsletter

Click here to view the e-newsletter and see what’s new at TAHCR!

You’ll notice that we’ve included the Fall Conference registration form in the e-newsletter. If you haven’t registered for our Fall Conference in San Antonio yet, you now have it at your fingertips.

Not a TAHCR member but want to join? You can do that, too, by emailing me at abunting@mdanderson.org.

Services We Provide

When medical treatments can no longer cure a disease, VITAS’ team of hospice professionals still can do a great deal to control pain, reduce anxiety and offer needed spiritual and emotional support to patients and their families. Hospice services are provided wherever people with life-limiting illness reside and could benefit from hospice care:

Patients’ homes

Dedicated inpatient hospice units

Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living communities and residential care facilities

VITAS Values

As a leader in the hospice movement in the United States, we are continuing to evolve and meet the changing needs of those with a life-limiting illness and their families. As we adapt to the ever-changing healthcare environment, however, we are guided as always by our VITAS Values.

Patients and families come first.

We take care of each other.

I’ll do my best today and do even better tomorrow.

I am proud to make a difference.

VITAS Mission

We are a growing family of hospices providing the highest quality human services, products and case management to terminally ill and other appropriate patients and their families with measurable advantages for the patient, the family, the medical community, the employee and the stockholder.

VITAS Vision

For over 30 years, VITAS has advocated for the rights of terminally ill patients and their families. We believe that patients should be apprised of their clinical prognosis and be involved in the decision-making process that determines how their end-of-life care is provided.

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TAHCR Membership

Please apply for one of the following

Active Memberships

Active membership status applies to those members who are actively involved in Health Care Recruitment and employed by organizations providing direct health care. This is the only level of membership with voting privileges. Click Here

Associate Membership

Associate memberships are open to those individuals who are not doing actual recruiting but are interested in furthering the development and growth of TAHCR. Click Here

Institutional Membership

Institutional memberships are open to those companies interested in supporting TAHCR and who provide services or products of interest to Recruiters such as advertising agency, temporary or staffing agency, publications, applicant tracking, etc. Click Here